What would you do with extra time?

If you had a ton of extra time in your day, what would you do?

I would definitely do more CRAFTS

✂️In high school, I would sit and dream up ideas for a craft show I would host one day ...

✂️When I designed a day-camp in University, my favourite part was planning the daily craft ...

✂️When I taught English in Taiwan, my friends and I transformed one of the dorm rooms into a SCRAPBOOK room (I could have spent all day there) ...

I don't do as many crafts these days (let's blame it on how busy life is with 3 kids) ... BUT I do try to get creative when it comes to different holiday celebrations.

So this year, for Valentine's Day ❤️, my kids and I made these:


I am so pleased with how easy they were to make + how well they turned out!

Here's the Recipe: Makes 16 LARGE heart shape crayons

NOTE: I bought the silicon heart shape moulds from the dollar store (regular/large muffin size) + 96 crayons (they were $4 on amazon as an add-on item = score)

* Step 1: PEEL the crayons. This was the hard/annoying part ... but I got the girls to help and they actually LIKED doing it! Break crayons into pieces (you could also use broken crayon bits you have at home)

* Step 2: Fill the moulds with crayon bits of various colours --- this is where you can have fun ... if you keep similar colours together I think it would look awesome. I just mixed them all up randomly. I filled the moulds just over half. I had enough to fill 16 (with 96 crayons).

* Step 3: Bake in the over at 225 for 20 minutes. I put them into my toaster oven and this worked perfectly.

* Step 4: Remove from oven and let cool completely.

* Step 5: Pop out + ENJOY!

Happy Colouring

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