What the what?

Once I started working out at home, I realized how much time ➕ money 💰 I was saving #winwin ...

Added bonuses ...

👊🏼 I got better results 👊🏼 I met amazing women 👊🏼 I was held accountable to my goals!

You see ... physically getting myself to the gym wasn’t a problem in the past ...

Then I had kids ➕ struggled to find the time to fit it all in 😬

I would sometimes get to the gym ... but my mind would be else where and my workouts just weren’t getting me the same results I was used to 🙈

And then something MAGICAL happened ...

An old friend reached out to me just when I was about to give up on myself ... and she understood EVERYTHING (**the support I needed, the emotional rollercoaster of being a mom, and trying to fit it all in while still keeping her family healthy and happy).


She helped me realize ...

✌A coach is what I ACTUALLY ALWAYS wanted; a woman that had done it herself and was able to teach me her #momhacks.

✌ I actually LOVED working out from home (so much more efficient and her follow-up & accountability were key) because I was seeing results.

✌Consistency leads to habit . (**And now I'm super consistent because I can do it ANYTIME & ANYWHERE).


I'm excited to share my journey and if your radar is going OFF because you've been WAITING for something EXACTLY like this, fill out this WELLNESS PACKAGE INFO so I can start customizing the perfect package for YOU!

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My Journey to Self Love
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