I was dependant AF on dieting ...

Let's face it. * I grew up ‘chubby’ and listening to comments about my body that I pretended not to hear 🙉

I finally lost my ‘chubby’ weight at the end of high school (through introducing proper fitness) but it also came with an obsession around the latest ‘diet trend’ to keep off the weight. I was afraid to go back 🙈 I even allowed myself to spend money on certain "lose weight quick" plans (like pills) that would guarantee quick results, being hungry and working out like crazy... * After giving birth to my twin girls, I was exhausted AF and didn’t care so much about my weight or what others thought ... but instead, I started thinking about the role model I wanted to be for my girls. I started to care more about my health and how I viewed my body.

I needed to find something that...

🔥 Didn't have me counting calories or make me feel deprived. I needed a plan that was fit for a food lover ➕a busy mom!

🔥Was worth the investment and woud include more than just a low calorie "magical" diet. I needed accountability, support and more to look forward to than just weighing myself everyday.

🔥 A plan that was a LIFESTYLE and not a DIET. Something I could fuel my body with and pass this lesson on to my girls *

And it's been a 180 learning how to NOURISH my body, INVEST in something that taught me LIFE SKILLS, and helped me TRANSITION my entire LIFE.♥️ I'm excited to share my journey and if your radar is going OFF because you've been WAITING for something EXACTLY like this

EMAIL ME to get started today! fitnfabwithcarla@gmail.com

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My Journey to Self Love
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