Can't choose how you feel; can choose how you act!

Am I alone in the constant battle of emotional eating?

Do you put the kids to bed and then come back to the kitchen and open the fridge or pantry or bottle of wine for a "reward" or comfort? 

This was totally me ...

for SO many years!

And finally, finally my friends, I have crushed that after dinner/before bed #snackingBEAST! (my emotional eating isn't totally gone, but I can now say i'm a #dinneranddone kind of person) ...

BUT, this didn't happen overnight.

It's been a work in process for me. First I had to figure out what was triggering my response; then I had to replace it with something else (erase a bad habit for a better one).  The emotional/habitual snack attacks come at different times of the day for me.

Here are 5 things that really help me work through this, and hopefully they can help you too!

1. Drink Herbal Tea - My personal fave is peppermint (helps with digestion too). Making myself a hot cup of tea before bed helps me unwind, keeps my hands full (I like to cup it with two hands) and keeps my mind occupied (so that I don't open that bag of chips).

2. Drink Soda Water - My personal fave is the lemon OR grapefruit one from LaCroix, but really, any soda water will do.  I often drink this while making dinner or during dinner (in a wine glass) to avoid drinking wine every day (not that I'm judging if you do - I just prefer to keep it to weekends and special occasions when I can).

3. Chew Gum - I like the PUR brand (sugar free and aspartame free).  I always keep a bag of this in the car. For some reason, I like to eat/snack while I drive, so the gum helps me from snacking (I try not to bring snacks into the car - I used to store emergency food, but I was eating it during non-emergencies all.the.time)

4. Read a Book - even though I'm more of an audio book kind of girl these days, physically reading before bed always helps me to fall asleep faster and stay away from the kitchen. (also pairs well with drinking tea ;)

5. Do a Veggie Check - if I all of a sudden go to grab a snack because I "feel hungry" ... I do a veggie check ... ask myself this: "Would I eat a full bowl of raw broccoli?" If the answer is "NO" ... I'm not hungry and I go drink some water. If the answer is "yes", then I go ahead and EAT ALL THE BROCCOLI (no one ever gained weight from that).

The truth is, there are so many different things you can do, and different ways you can combat this ... but the main takeaway is this:

Even though we can't always choose how we fell, WE CAN CHOOSE HOW WE ACT!


Coach C

My Journey to Self Love
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