Self LOVE is not Selfish

I absolutely LOVE weekends and I'm so happy that the next one is just about to start ;)

I can't believe the amount of SNOW we have gotten this week in Southern Ontario; and even though my kids are LOVING IT ... I must admit, I'm kind of OVER this winter and ready to bring on the warmer weather!

Since we are in February ... I like to dedicate this month to LOVE (I obviously didn't come up with this on my own ... after all, we we have V-Day and Family day this month) ...

BUT, more specifically, I want to focus on SELF LOVE.

Let me leave you with a few tips to help you REFRESH, RESTORE + REJUVENATE yourself this month! Taking care of ourselves and showing ourselves LOVE is the root of a healthier and happier life for everyone around us!

TIP #1 - Get a Good Night's Sleep

Sleep is absolutely necessary for a healthy mind and body, yet many people (myself included sometimes) don't get enough. If you're not getting enough sleep, you make yourself more vulnerable to stress and illness. Try to set a bedtime AND a wake time and STICK TO IT! Getting into a routine will help your sleep habits form :)

TIP #2 - Colour (yup I said it)

As a kid, you probably spent hours colouring (I know I did - and my kids do too). So if you have kids, and they ask you to sit and colour with them - give it a try! Don't have kids? That's ok, visit your local dollar store, pick up some supplies, make yourself a cup of tea or pour yourself a glass of wine and get to it! You may be surprised at how relaxing and therapeutic it feels.

TIP #3 - Hug 3 Different People

When we were little, we probably got hugged all the time. As adults, we may not receive as many hugs and we SHOULD! Be sure to ask permission before hugging as some people don't like you to invade their personal space ... but human touch reduces anxiety, slows heart rate + speeds illness recovery. So hug more, hug often and hug HARD!

If you want more tips on improving self love, I'll be running a FREE CHALLENGE this month on Facebook! Be sure to click the link so that you're in the group.

My Journey to Self Love
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