Tight squeeze ...

Moment of truth + reality 🙈

This is so hard for me to post. I'm a health and wellness coach, I should always be on track with my health and fitness right?

Just 2 months ago, I was able to zip up this dress without a problem (I wore it on a date night with my hubby in Punta Cana) ...

Last night... I could hardly do it up 🤐

This is a reality check, a REMINDER of something I've know my entire life.

I may be 'tiny' ... but I also gain weight super easily!

This also serves as a reminder of how our every day choices add up to massive results ...

the compound effect #truthbomb 💣

These last 2 months, even though I was working out everyday 💪🏻 ... I didn't always make the best choices when it came to food and drink 🍷 🍫{allowed myself to indulge daily instead of weekly 🙄}

➕ you can't outwork a bad diet ... I tell my challengers this all the time ... I KNOW this

I also know the following:

➕ I let myself get 'comfortable' ➕ I stopped watching my portions ➕ I was super busy at work and therefore under more stress & working longer hours ➕ I was getting less sleep ➕ I was buying lunch at work instead of packing it from home

Bottom line ... all of these little things compounded together over the last couple months = weight gain + bloating 🙈

However ... I have the TOOLS I need to get my head back in the game ➕I'm inspired more than ever after this weekend's conference 🙌🏻

I start a NEW challenge tomorrow with a group of awesome women ... and I'm going to crush it 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼

I have GOALS ➕ I've decided to commit myself to them. Sharing them with all of you also helps me stay accountable!


. . .

If you want to link arms with me on this crazy journey as we try to get on track or stay on track with our health .. reach out ➕ let's do this 💪🏻

💌 fitnfabwithcarla@gmail.com

My Journey to Self Love
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