Punch FEAR in the face

I used to be 'afraid' to lift ... 🙈

I'd hit up something like the elliptical for an hour instead ... thinking it was way better because I was sweating and burning a ton of calories ...

But a quick, 30min lifting session is so much more effective for calorie burning, definition and bone density!

Total body HAMMER 🔨 done ✅ #strongereveryday Ready to crush my day - I frickin LOVE this program!

I made the same mistake when I started running again after having kids ... I had lost so much muscle mass and didn't work on building that first ... this just made me SLOW and sore.

Women simply do not possess the hormonal profile needed to mass up like guys do when they lift heavy weights. Women don’t possess enough testosterone. SO, if you are a woman and you are lifting heavy AND gaining “size” or “mass” then you might be eating subpar when it comes to nutrition and in effect actually gaining fat rather than muscle. If you're eating right, your body will do what it needs to do

My Journey to Self Love
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