Strong Women LIFT each other up

You might wonder WHY? Why do I work insane hours around the clock? Why keep working when everyone else is snuggled in bed at my house? I have a full time job I absolutely love and twin girls that are 3.5 and keep me on my toes!!! So why work any more than I actually need to? Sure, I could be laying in bed watching Netflix ... (don't worry, I do that while cooking or running on the treadmill) ... BUT, instead I choose to work my biz during my "free time". I choose my passion! I choose to help women and men believe in themselves and work on becoming better versions of themselves ... it helps me become a better version on myself 💕 it fills my cup to the max!

Little notes like this I received today make it totally worth it ➡️ "Carla, I am beyond thankful that you are my Coach. Not sure how BeachBody configures their Coach to client ratio. But once I read your profile: crazy busy Wife/Mother of twin Toddlers......I instantly knew: she gets me. She is aware of my struggle and familiar with my lifestyle. I won when you were sent. The timing was perfect." 💕

My Journey to Self Love
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