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Something I’ve definitely learned over the years is that My Journey is MY journey. Your Journey is YOURS My worth doesn't come from how successful I am in my fitness journey.... and neither does yours. No one is going to do this for me. If I want to IMPROVE - I have to DO the work. It’s that simple. I've started building an amazing little business over the last year and a bit - and what makes it amazing is that SO MANY PEOPLE have reached health & wellness goals in my challenge groups. There is absolutely zero luck attached to that accomplishment. It's by dedication, consistency and a lot of hard work MONTH-after-MONTH. I absolutely LOVE helping connect people with AT HOME solutions to lose weight, establish healthier routines & learn how to fuel their body with GOOD nutrition. My fitness and nutrition are far from perfect - but my progress is also a result of hard consistent work - not luck. I started. I made it a lifestyle. Now, I'm growing my business while working full time, raising two amazing little girls and continuously becoming a better version of me – and I want you to do it with me!!

We can't EXPECT the results unless we put in the some WORK!! Focus on progress! And TRUST in the process 🌲🎅🏼 21 Days of fitMAS is HERE! 🌲🎅🏼

I'm opening up the RSVP list for my 21 Days of fitMAS Challenge Group!! I am SO excited about this!!! The holidays are here in full force and WE NEED each other to stay as healthy and fit as possible (while enjoying the festivities of course). We will be holding one another accountable on a streamlined app {hey, simplify your life during this holiday hustle!}, getting amazing results in our 30+ minute home workouts, winning SUPER FUN tanks, mugs & some of my other favorite finds, AND the best part is we are DONE JAN 1st !! Get ahead of the resolution game. Let’s not pedal backwards in our health over the holidays. SO... as you run around and check everyone off your list, think about YOURSELF for a moment, Give yourself this GIFT of TAKING CARE of yourself and FEELING AMAZING this year - and then start 2017 STRONG and CONFIDENT and END the year healthier than you began it!! . 🏁Pick your program. 🏁Pick your superfood flavour.

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Let's do the work, have some fun, get awesome results, & win some prizes!! We start on DECEMBER 12th – ORDER from Dec 1-5, (we starts prep Dec 7) HINT: ask for your fitness bundle for Christmas!!

My Journey to Self Love
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