Punch FEAR in the FACE!

Do you love yourself?

I do! Most days...but it's still something I work on daily.

And this is why I really want to share this message with my girls and every woman out there!

This is something I struggled with a lot growing up

I was a tiny toddler, but after I got my appendix out when I was three, I got "round" (that's what I was told anyways)

I loved food and reading and crafts; I was slightly over weight. I wasn't very athletic, even though I enjoyed sports and played on every team. You see, I didn't make the team cut for my talent, I usually made the cut for my attitude and team spirit. I was great at cheering on others, meanwhile struggling to motivate myself and be truly happy.

I was a sugar addict!!!

I remember in Grade 6 and 7, I would take money from my piggy bank almost daily to go buy penny candy at the corner store during lunch.

So fast forward to grade 11, I was at my heaviest >>> 140 lbs (I'm only 5 feet tall). I was uncomfortable in my own skin.

I'd go to reach for dessert or seconds at family functions and get asked if it was necessary. So I wouldn't eat dessert, not in front of the guests anyways, but later on, when everyone was gone and no one was watching, I'd have a double serving straight from the fridge.

Finding fitness in high school truly changed my life; It helped me come out of my shell, gain confidence and a passion for physical education and health. I realized that I could be in control of my well-being, that I could truly feel GOOD about my body! I rocked that prom dress and went on to pursue a degree in Phys Ed & Health at U of T!

BUT, since then, I was been living in fear of slipping back... a fear that I don't ever want my daughters to experience. A fear I know I need to PUNCH IN THE FACE!

Fast Forward to TODAY >>> That's where coaching comes in!

I get to help other woman find their inner beautiful badass, learn to love themselves, and link arms with them as we pursue our goals towards a healthier and happier life. I am working on trusting the process, embracing the journey and becoming a better version of myself than I was yesterday. This is what I want to demonstrate for my girls on the daily! This is the message I want them to take into their futures.

Do you struggle with confidence and self love?

Join us on one of my challenges :)

Commit to finding YOU and improving you to become healthier and happier every single day!

If you're ready to take the next step, like, comment or email me for more info - let's link arms and work towards our goals and LOVING OURSELVES every single day!


My Journey to Self Love
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