Make Yourself Proud

Set goals, and then kick them in the face! Work hard and the results will follow!! My goal at the 5k back in May was to come in under 23min. I had no idea I’d actually win the race. It wasn’t a super competitive event, so I knew that if I pushed hard and gave it my all, maybe I’d place… But 1st place? This totally blew me away. I took off at the start and held on to that position for the entire time. As I approached the finish line, I see my husband and kids on the side cheering me on … Of course I pause for some high fives … They deserve recognition too! The announcer was shocked that I would make time for that … But for me, that was my favourite part! Before I had the girls, I was a pretty decent runner … I even ran right through my pregnancy until about the 6 month mark where my belly was just too big! Once the girls were born, I thought I could just jump pack into running. And I did … Only I was suddenly much much slower! Then last summer I started doing the Beachbody workouts, my body started changing, my muscles started to show again and I could feel myself getting stronger … And my runs … Well … They got faster and easier! Also, my knees hurt less! Having strong supporting muscles isn’t just about the looks … It’s also about injury prevention! Best decision I ever made … Who would have thought it would lead me to win my first race! Ohhhhh what a feeling!!!!

My Journey to Self Love
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