My journey to SELF LOVE

In high school I was 40lbs heavier than I am now.  Then I FOUND fitness.  I always LOVED sports ... and I'd often make the various sports teams; although I never started and was always out of breathe at practice.  Then a new YMCA opened up in my neighbourhood and my cousin wanted to start going, so he agreed to pick me up each morning at 5:45am.  And I said YES!  That fall/winter I lost a bunch of weight super fast!  I actually had to start eating lunch in front of my friends as I thought I wasn't eating.  But ever since I lost that weight, I lived in FEAR.  I was afraid to gain it back.  For so many years, people just expected me to be a bit over weight and 'chunky', and all of a sudden, I wasn't.

I must say, that I've been able to keep that weight off (except when pregnant) ... But even 10years later my extended family was still telling me I looked 'good' now.  People kept expecting me to go back to being "over weight".

Through university, I may have gained 5-10lbs in my first couple of years, but it quickly came off as I did my undergrad in Phys Ed and Health.  After university, I taught English in Taiwan for a year, did my teaching degree in Australia and traveled A LOT!  When I got back from University, I settled into a desk job ... lucky for me, that was also when I discovered my passion for running!  


Quite a few marathons later, I got married and the pregnant with TWINS! I never thought I would be one of those moms that ate anything she wanted while pregnant ... but I'm not going to lie, towards the end of my pregnancy, I let myself go a bit.  I was too big to exercise and the food tastes too good!  My twins were born early and spent almost a month in the hospital.  There was NO time for my fitness!

Once I was home from the hospital, I TRIED to settle into a routine.  I even started running again pretty quick and a LOT of the weight I gained, quickly fall off.  However, last 15-20lbs just wouldn't come off 'no matter' how much I ran or went to the gym.  I actually SOLD a bunch of my super cute, super tight dresses and lululemon clothes.  I had accepted the fact that I'd never fit into them again.

I bought some new clothes that were baggy and could hide uncomfortable parts ...I felt like a prisoner in my own body. I just figured I was doing this for my kids and they were worth it; I wasn't sure I would ever get my body back. 


Then a friend of mine started her Beachbody journey and I started following her ... She was overcoming all kinds of things and kicking a$$... She had 2 kids too! So why not me?  She was drinking these SUPERFOOD shakes ... and I was spending a ton of money at the health & food store on superfoods and vitamins ... why NOT get it all in ONE shake ... would it really work?  I was very skepticle at first.

That was when I realized it was my mind set that needed work ...

The funny part is, the program that hooked me was CiZE (the end of exercise) ... Which totally bogs my mind as I was a 'runner' not a dancer. I was runner who also went to the gym every single day.  But this program brought fun back into working out! It allowed me to get my sweat on while hanging out in my backyard or basement and it came with a bag of superfood shakes --- Shakeology!!!!

I really wasn't much of a shake person; I'd never found a shake I really liked and Shakeology was 'expensive'. But you know what ... I was desperate to try anything, I needed a change, I needed to learn to love myself again. So I decided to take the challenge ... 30 day money back guarantee!


The difference I found in my body and mind after those 30days was UNBELIEVABLE ... I felt like if I didn't share it with my friends, I was keeping a great secret! I wanted to shout it from the roof tops and wanted everyone I know to join me!

Within a month, I signed up to be a coach .... I wanted to help people (and I wanted a discount on my shakes)!  Now, I can't even believe I thought this would just be a hobby ... helping others find LOVE for themselves, work on a HEALTHIER and HAPPIER version of themselves and become FINANCIALING SECURE is something that just totally FUELS my FIRE and keeps my passion going strong!

#fitboss for LIFE


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